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I am Miroslav, your freelance UX Researcher.

How do you ensure your product makes sense to your customers and achieves your business goals?

Happy to help you easily find the evidence you need.

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No More Wild Guesses

How do you ensure your product or service makes sense to your customers and achieves your business goals? Don’t make wild guesses! I’d love to provide you feedback for your website, app or prototype. I am also capable of tracking relevant numbers to show you at a glance how your company develops. 

I created UXITICS to combine my background in behavioral and social sciences with my passion to tell stories with data. My role as a user experience (UX) researcher and data analyst is to understand human behavior, strategic goals and business context in order to provide evidence that will improve the experiences of customers and performance of your business.

Due to my 10+ years of professional  and personal experience in the non-profit and commercial sector in the Netherlands and beyond, I value highly multidisciplinary, intercultural and friendly connections.  My goal is to support entrepreneurs, designers, product owners, marketeers, start-ups or anyone seeking to innovate make informed decisions with UX research and data analytics.


Informed by Data, Driven by Empathy

I provide human-centered and data-driven approach to map customers’ behaviors, needs and motivations through a range of mixed methods feedback techniques. Example of such techniques are usability testing, ethnography, surveys, personas, journey maps, heuristic evaluation etc. 

To assess the performance of a business and provide insightful evidence, I use Power BI, Python notebooks and Excel to show KPIs, performance metrics or conduct multivariate analysis. 

My approach is inspired by Lean and Agile principles according to which product development is rarely linear.  Improvements involve iterative processes executed in sprints by a diverse team. That’s why I enjoy working with and for stakeholders from various disciplines and industries. 


Challenges and goals are unique. That's why, I will take the time to listen and understand you.


To assess a problem, unravel root causes or discover opportunities, I will collect and analyze data.


Generate and categorize solutions though brainstorming sessions and creative workshops.


Plan ways to execute solutions by engaging stakeholders, building prototypes or conducting tests.


Execute and evaluate planned activities. Experiment with several steps, monitor results and refine when needed.


Celebrate deliverables such as creative sessions, heuristic reviews, personas, research syntheses, dashboards etc.


People and Technical Skills to Help You Excel


No agencies and intermediaries to stand between our direct communication. Available for jobs on-site or remote on a negotiable rate.

Integrated Knowledge

Skilled in behavioral (what people do), attitudinal (what people say or feel), quantitative (what, where and when), qualitative (how and why) and contextual (ethnography, surveys) research.


Graduated with BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, MSc in Behavioral Science and MSc in Human Geography. Verified certificates for Microsoft Power BI and Intermediate Python for Data Science (DataCamp).


Let's Work Together

Reach out for any inquiries and I’d be happy to follow up. Fun facts: I speak Bulgarian, English, and Dutch; I love training Japanese jiu-jitsu. You can also follow me on social media. 

Miroslav Damyanov

UX Researcher

Portugal and remotely